a little about holt & sarah...

knitting came first, taught to me at a young age by my exceptional grandmother, she would sit for hours teaching and correcting my knitting until she felt sure i was ready to move on alone. jewellery was second, finishing school and unsure where to head next i found myself studying jewellery design and production. My love for all things shiny has never changed.

candles are my most recent passion, to have something so warm and calming burning in your home or workplace is the most simple form of luxury i can imagine, not to mention all the delicious scents.

these three creative adventures started as a small hobby making things for friends and family and has now evolved into holt & sarah the brand. a collection of all the things i love to create, knits, candles and jewellery, holt & sarah is a small range of made to order products all hand crafted in melbourne.